Roasted tomato, chilli and adzuki bean soup

This soup is sensational!  I’ve been making this soup for a few years after reading it in the Drop Zone Diet by nutritionist and biochemist Jeannette Jackson. It fresh, spicy, satisfying and packed to the brim with goodness!  Jeanette says “The adzuki beans offer a good boost of protein, whilst the tomatoes are ready to work their antioxidant magic!”

img_9097 img_9108

One of the key elements is to select the best tomatoes  – for this recipe I bought beautiful vine tomatoes from our local farm shop Farndon Fields.  Also, don’t be tempted to add more of any one ingredient.  I’ve done it a couple of times, thinking “oh it will be fine”. But with added celery it overpowers the soup and any extra adzuki beans is too much – 80g of beans provides the optimum texture for this soup.

img_9109 img_9113

This is yet another fantastic recipe by Jeannette, the author of the Drop Zone Diet  and a perfect, flavoursome, wholesome soup to bet you back on a healthy track as we head into Spring.

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Butter bean, egg and spinach curry

As a family, we all enjoy a good curry.  Since I gave up meat and poultry in the summer, I’ve been experimenting with new curry recipes.  We often eat fish curries, but I wanted to try some new vegetarian recipes.  This one is inspired by my husband who first introduced me to the idea of putting an egg in a curry.  With the butter beans, this is a dense, satisfying dish.  The spinach is delicious and a perfect addition, along with the egg and butter beans, to boost iron levels.


I use a tikka curry paste (Patak’s in this case) and a dollop of crème fraiche.  Strictly speaking, if you are looking to boost your iron, leave out the crème fraiche and replace with a dairy-free alternative.  Served with a glass of orange juice or a sprinkle of pomegranates will also give you the essential Vitamin C to help your body absorb the plant-based iron in this recipe.

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Pumpkin & parmigiana soup

Pumpkin soup served in a pumpkin, what could be better for Halloween?  This is a real centre piece and crowd pleaser that I have been making for years and my kids still love it.  There are a few tips I’ve learned along the way to get this right.  Before you do anything, pick the right pumpkin.  It should be fairly stable so it will sit nice and upright on the table.  This recipe uses a medium to large size pumpkin.  I also save the rinds from parmigiana or grana padano and pop them in the freezer ready to add to this recipe (it adds a beautiful rich flavour to the soup).

Pumpkin and parmigiana soup Pumpkin and parmigiana soup

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Spelt pizza with flavour base

Homemade pizzas take a little effort but are very worth it!  I’ve been making them for years ever since one of my old friends Ozzy Pete, showed me the basics and a little trick he used to add serious Spelt pizza doughflavour.  The dough its self is very simple and I now always use white spelt flour which creates the lightest, crispiest pizza doughs.

The secret to added flavour?  Once you have made the pizza dough, add a layer of fresh ingredients and oil before you add the tomato base.  Once you start to make pizza doughs, it will become second nature.  I usually make the dough in the morning before I head out to work so it’s ready to start rolling when I come home.

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Carrot and ginger stem soup

This soup has become a family favourite.  I first started making it when I did the Drop Zone Diet by nutritionist and biochemist Jeannette Jackson. It never fails to make me happy when I’m preparing it, there is something so uplifting about peeling, chopping, smelling all those fresh vegetables as they go in the pot.  What’s more, my kids absolutely love this, so it’s great to hear them ask for seconds!

IMG_6589 Carrot and ginger stem soup

Jeannette’s philosophy is all about getting back in touch with cooking good, natural food.  I met Jeannette at a time in my life (over two and a half years ago) when I was relying too much on convenient, processed and high sugar foods.  I was suffering from terrible energy dips and a figure to match!  Jeannette’s programme promises that you will lose 14lb in 14 days. Now the prospect of that I found quite scary as I didn’t think of myself as a ‘dieter’ and I didn’t think I was overweight (I was).  What I loved about Jeannette’s programme were the menu’s – all foods I loved including fresh fish, courgettes, avocados, smoothies.

Carrot and ginger stem soupIt was a little stretch for me to try some of the recipes but here I am, still making some of the delicious recipes from the Drop Zone Diet. PS – I did lose 14lb in 14 days and I’ve kept it off ever since and I enjoy good food everyday.  Thanks to Jeannette for giving me the confidence to put myself first and get back in touch with cooking great food.  Recipe reproduced with kind permission by Jeannette, the author of the Drop Zone Diet x.


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Sweet potato and carrot soup

Oh so good!  My kids really love this super smooth, delicately sweet soup.  It contains 5 nutrient-dense vegetables in one dish, so helping them to get well on their way to 5 a day! This recipe takes about 10 minutes to prepare, it can then sit on the stove to cool before blending.  For this recipe, I added boiled water which makes it quicker.

I like to make my soups in advance, so it’s ready to be heated when the kids come home hungry from school. Serve it up with some fresh rolls, sourdough or oven baked bruschetta! Yum 🙂

IMG_6654 Sweet potato and carrot soup

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