Beekeeper adventures

In June 2015, I met with Jeff who is the bee keeper for the farm where I work.  He took me to visit some of his hives and it was the start of an interest in honey bees and the art of beekeeping.  Jeff has been a bee keeper for 6 years and looks after many thriving hives and millions of honey bees.  On our first visit I learned that bees go up not down, hence why you should tuck your suit into your wellies.  I also learned lots of other facsinating things such as how bees turn nectar into honey, and a hive will need between 25k and 40k bees just to look after the hive.  My husband Mike shares my passion for honey bees & on 8th July 2015 Jeff set up our first brood box & queen bee, the start of our first hive. Here I will share all our updates and add links to other useful sites.  You can also use the quick search and select “honey bees”.

Kelly x

Beekeeper Diary Updates

All bee keeper updates, click here >>

Why become a beekeeper?  Read my article for Grow Eat Gather where I write about why I started beekeeping and the important role of honey bees and beekeepers.

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