Profile_beeIn life, I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ kinda girl, and I think myself lucky for it!  When it comes to words, I work on the basis of ‘less is more’, and when it comes to food, it’s always ‘more please’!  So this blog is a bit of an adventure for me (glass half full), where I can fuel two of my passions… great tasting healthy food (more please!) and communication (note to self: less is more).

In a nutshell… I’m a mum of 3 lively children and wife to a fitness fanatic husband, all with a diverse range of food tastes!  I’ve worked in marketing for leading brands for over twenty-years and strive to achieve that work-life balance, which isn’t always easy.  My interest in good nutrition and well-being helps me to keep pace with a busy life.

I’m from an Irish family with a long history of farming and fishing. Fresh ingredients and wholesome cooking have always featured in my life but I’ve had periods of unhealthy eating and bad habits have creeped in.  Over recent years I’ve virtually eliminated the processed snacks and high sugar foods which gave me terrible energy dips and a figure to match.  On the whole I eat food that is good for me.  It’s meant being creative, sometimes involves a little pre-prep.  Always enjoyable.

Bee adventures… my husband and I have been beekeeping since 2015. Bees are captivating, magical creations and are so important to the good food on our plate.  We are still very much learning and hope to expand our hives  and knowledge over the coming years.  In 2017 we launched our small range of honey products, including our sensational Castelete’s Chocolate Honey.  Find out more at tastegoodvibes.com

What can you expect from good food bee? My favourite food books and recipes have always been those with a combination of food inspiration and nutrition know-how, and I’m always experimenting with recipes to try and make them healthier and keep all the family happy! I enjoy cooking with healthier ingredients… spelt flour, cold pressed rapeseed oil and of course honey, are favourites, as well as free range eggs, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.  I will share all my favourite recipes, a few bee updates, and I’ll try and keep it short and sweet and savoury!

Kelly x

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  1. I’m so glad I stumbled across you on Instagram. I love your blog and I’m looking forward to following it more in the future. Xx

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