Healthy hot chocolate

Yes, I said ‘healthy’ hot chocolate.  And darn tasty too.  Not loaded with sugar, this is made using our very own chocolate honey – so you get the goodness of raw honey with 100% organic cocoa, stirred into warmed milk *thumbs up*.  My cousin messaged me a little while ago to let me know she’d made some hot chocolate using our chocolate honey for her son and he loved it.  I had to try it.  My kids love it, and I’ve been spreading the word.  This hot chocolate packs all the flavour of the honey and cocoa, and anti-bacterial nutrients.  Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmm yum.

To make, gently warm a table spoon of chocolate honey in a pan.  Add a mug (350ml) of milk to the pan and warm through.  Pour.  Enjoy.  Cocoa sprinkles optional.

You can buy Castelete’s Chocolate Honey online:


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