Chocolate honey & cream cheese croissants

This week marks the start of our new business as honey food producers.  We are starting small, building on a number of recipes using the raw honey that we love.  Our chocolate honey comes from my own love of raw honey and dark, pure chocolate.  It has become a bit of a mini sensation in my kitchen and with the small number of people we have asked to test it.  It’s not what you expect, and that’s what people love about it.  The art is in getting the right chocolate and honey match.  Our first recipe is a raw wildflower honey and cocoa and we will be launching it at our first food festival this Saturday – the Oundle Food Festive, one of the best one day food events in the UK and part of the Oundle Music Festival.  We’re really excited to be taking part.  This croissant recipe uses seasonal British strawberries, soft cream cheese and a generous drizzle of Castelete’s Chocolate Honey.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Simply use two strawberries per croissant, cut the croissants in half and spread a generous amount of cream cheese.  Place the strawberries on top, finish with our Chocolate Honey.  Our new website and online shop will be ready soon!


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